Not the end of the road…

Huge heartfelt thanks to all of you who were able to get along to a performance of THIS EVIL THING at the magical space of Tara Theatre, SW London, on November 7,8 or 9th – all three nights were packed; Cyril Pearce, expert on WW1 COs, gave a great talk before Saturday’s show and helped me with the Q and A afterwards (I have so little voice left at the end!); the audiences were so engaged and attentive, it was a joy to perform the play yet again… feels like part of my DNA now!

And huge thanks to all of my friends and supporters for your encouragement throughout the last three or four years. Your support has helped carry me along through the traffic jams, the delays, the occasional frustrations and hitches, and the long long journeys by road (narrowly avoiding running over a baby deer on one remote Welsh road at night) to distant places where I’ve set up my crates and told this tale of the bravery and courage exhibited by those who truly believed no one should be compelled to go to war against their will, against their beliefs, against their conscience. (Big thanks too to audience members who donated for white poppies at the play this month – £125 will be going to the Peace Pledge Union shortly.) So… the end of the road for me? No… just the end of this particular road… at the end of which there is a green lane…leading to the next project…and the next…and the next. Wishing you all health, happiness and peace…

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