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For ALL OTHER ENQUIRIES, regarding my new play ‘THE MISTAKE’, my previous play ‘THIS EVIL THING’ and other  projects of mine, as well as anything else, you can contact me directly using the form below

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‘…or not to be’

My new three minute film – shot on my i-phone during the 2nd lockdown in November 2020 – including footage of an empty central London…

Taking his cue from Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’, an actor wrestles with the new realities of COVID and the closure of all theatres for the foreseeable future.  Is there any point in carrying on at all?  But actors have worn masks (comic and tragic) since plays were first performed in ancient Greece; and on a journey through a deserted capital city, the actor sees something that encourages a fragile optimism.

Please enjoy this three-minute diversion and feel free to share far and wide! And consider making a donation, however small, for performers and creative workers suffering hardship at:

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