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Four perspectives on war and nuclear weapons…

I was told by someone in the know the other day that if I wanted to record THE PRIEST’s TALE for BBC Radio next year that it would sort of be out of date – as the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombings is this year. Hmm. So nuclear weapons won’t exist in 2021? First I’ve heard of it…
Here are the four dramatic online perspectives on war and nuclear weapons, put together this year with Jatinder Verma, You-Ri Yamanaka, Chihiro Ono, Rosamunde Hutt, Leo Ashizawa and Olivier Stockman (of Sands Films) :
THE MISTAKE film-collage (screenshot below)Screenshot THE MISTAKE - 6AUG20-FINAL RVSD2 - HD 1080p_Moment THIS EVIL THING

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