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August 6th 2020

From 8.15 am in the morning of the Thursday August 6th, exactly 75 years since the first atomic bomb was dropped,
you can see our 15 minute collage of extracts and images from my postponed theatre play THE MISTAKE, on Youtube: at that time and anytime thereafter…
at the new link (posted 3/8/20):

Then that evening…

THE PRIEST’S TALE is an adaptation by myself of one of the survivor’s accounts from John Hersey’s classic book HIROSHIMA.
Father Wilhelm was a German Jesuit priest living in Hiroshima at the time of the first atomic bombing.

At 7.30pm on August 6th, I will perform this story live,
from the stage of Sands Films Studios Theatre, Rotherhithe, London…
with live violin accompaniment by Chihiro Ono. (Duration approx. 55 mins.)
Directorial supervision by Rosamunde Hutt.
This event is co-hosted by the Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre.

Go to Eventbrite


Hope you might be able to join us…

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