The playscript of THIS EVIL THING is now available! Published by 49Knights, it consists of the full script and description of staging with a foreword by the director, introduction by the author(ahem)and six atmospheric illustrations by Carys Boughton.

The script is available for £10 inc p and p. Order your copy via the Contact Page here.

About the publisher:
49Knights was established to do for play scripts what the fair trade movement has done for tea and coffee – to reduce the distance between the producer and the consumer so as to bring maximum reward to the producer and and maximum quality to the consumer. The artists we collaborate with retain 100% ownership of their work and the performance rights. Getting published with 49Knights empowers writers to reach new audiences both in print and on stage.

Our approach to content is inspired by Ben Jonson’s 1616 Folio. Jonson was the first English playwright to edit his plays to be read as well as performed. We hope that the result is as immersive an experience as seeing the scripts performed live.