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THIS EVIL THING – now a ‘lockdown movie’

Just over 100 years ago, British conscientious objectors were locked down in this country against their will because of the ‘virus’ it was feared they were spreading- the virus of pacifism and anti-militarism.

Now as we are all locked down against our will for several weeks, I have made a home movie version of my solo stage play THIS EVIL THING, (which I have now performed over 100 times in the UK and in the USA) which portrays the compelling and inspiring story of Britain’s WW1 conscientious objectors.

Using just my i-phone and its excellent ‘movie’ features and using every available corner of my two-bedroom flat in SW London, I have recreated my performance of all 52 roles (some with only 1 line, granted) as well as performing all the roles within a film crew! (Including doing my own catering…)

This lockdown offering is in 6 x 15 minute ‘chapters’ – it premiered on Friday May 15th, 2020, International Conscientious Objectors’Day and will remain online until further notice at the link below…please tell your friends! Thank you!

‘Magnificent storytelling’ (Amnesty International judges at Edinburgh 2016)

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