Leaving WW1 behind (for the moment…)

Yes, the final performances for the foreseeable future of THIS EVIL THING
will be at Tara Theatre, Earlsfield, SW18 4ES on November 7-9th at 7.30pm
(2.30pm matinee Friday 8th to be confirmed)
Book on 020 8333 4457 or at http://www.tara-arts.com

(10 minutes by train from London Waterloo)

Please come and bring a friend! Someone who doesn’t perhaps know anything about the story of these brave men and women 100 years ago who strove for peace, who strove to resist the rush to war.

In the well

This Evil Thing: In the well – Photographer: Simon Richardson

‘For God’s sake, this protest of yours – is it really worth losing your lives over?’

THIS EVIL THING is the compelling and inspiring story of the men who in 1916 said no to war.

Partly using verbatim testimonies from the time of WW1, I portray a gallery of characters on a gripping journey from a chapel in Yorkshire to the House of Commons; from an English country garden to a quarry in Aberdeen; from a cell in Richmond Castle to a firing squad in France.

‘The conscientious objectors’ story is rarely presented with this level of wisdom, perception, compassion and balance… This Evil Thing represents the great tradition of storytelling at its very best’ (The Bath Magazine)

With military conscription still in force in many countries today, the questions posed by THIS EVIL THING are as relevant and urgent as they were one hundred years ago.

Since its acclaimed premiere at the Edinburgh Festival in 2016, THIS EVIL THING has now been seen in over 100 performances in all parts of the UK as well as in the USA.

‘A moving and dynamic retelling of a hidden story’ (The List)

‘Magnificent storytelling’ (Amnesty International)

‘An inspirational and disturbing work’ (Edinburgh Festmag)

‘A master storyteller at work – a superbly crafted play’ – Stratford Herald

Bert Brocklesby
BERT BROCKLESBY, one of the ‘Richmond 16’ group of conscientious objectors sent to France where they faced the possibility of execution.

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