2020 – not just the year of the Tokyo Olympics

Amidst the angst and gloom of the events of the last few weeks (and longer?) it feels good to be working on my new play which will be opening this summer – this time it’s not a solo…but is for TWO people. One British (yours truly), and one Japanese.
THE MISTAKE - Shigeko surveys the devastation(Both photos by SIMON RICHARDSON)
The play concerns the events leading up to the dropping of the first atomic bomb in 1945 (so it’s the 75th anniversary this year, this August, in fact ) – and the devastating consequences of that event.

THE MISTAKE - Confronted with the consequences of the atom bomb
Seems urgent and terribly relevant with people like Trump and Kim Jong-Un flaunting their weapons at each other (to name but two – oh, but let’s not forget others like Jo I’d-Press-The-Button Swinson). My latest news is that I’m thrilled to have found my Japanese performer – the wonderfully talented You-Ri Yamanaka – as seen above – we are in the early stages of workshopping with the script (which is now at draft 11, and feels very tight and dramatic…the play running at just under 90 minutes…). We will start rehearsals proper in June 2020…More news and photos very soon…

1 thought on “2020 – not just the year of the Tokyo Olympics

  1. Dear Michael,

    Happy New Year Felicitations.

    Just wanted to say I was heartened to read your post as it’s such a deserving topic. I’m really looking forward to seeing it and bringing my children and will publicise amongst the Japanese friends I have as well as my Quaker community.

    More power to your elbow.

    Very best regards

    In Friendship

    Sian Eliz


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