Couch potatoes – and a glass of Guinness

4 thoughts on “Couch potatoes – and a glass of Guinness

  1. We were one of the lucky host sites, and the college was the great beneficiary of Michael’s excellent play performance for its students, faculty and guests. I’ve been thinking about the show ever since I saw it, and I’m thrilled to read that the second part of the trilogy is close to done! I’m contemplating my next moves as a peace activist now that the first week of classes is about to begin tomorrow, and I really feel retired! Hopefully, Ric and I will see you in the UK next year if we manage a trip! We very much hope our paths will cross again. Come back to Chicago again anytime and stay with us. Thank you for sharing your amazing play with us! Will Part II of the trilogy debut at the Fringe next summer?
    Until we meet again,
    Ellen and Ric

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