As seen in Burger King – once upon a time…

Oct. 29th 2017 

‘To beep, or not to beep, that is the question…’

 Is that chap about to leave or not?  Can’t tell.  But he doesn’t look happy.

If I beep to show him I’m waiting, will he get in a strop?

Behind me, someone has decided that ‘To beep’ is the answer to the question.

Well – to honk, loudly…

‘I’m waiting to see if this chap’s going!’ I mouth impotently back at them.


Oh, give me a break…

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This Evil Thing: in Stratford

‘How a lone actor with few props (the planks of wood are two small upturned drawers on which he balances) in the intimate drawing room of the Kempe Studio conjures such a visceral scenario is testament to Michael’s exemplary acting and his superbly crafted play … Michael switches seamlessly between his many roles: he’s a stretcher-bearer ducking fire on the front, a barking sergeant, a worried girlfriend, a troubled dad, an army officer, a philosopher, a politician, a campaigner… the effect is of a master storyteller at work’  Stratford-Upon-Avon Herald reviewing This  Evil Thing. 19th Jan 2017.  See full review here.

Following its acclaimed run in the Edinburgh Fringe last summer, THIS EVIL THING is now in the run up to a tour!  The next date is at Sibford School, Sibford Ferris on Friday, 3rd February. The performance will take place from 3.05pm to 4.15pm, and Sibford is extending the audience to include a limited number of free seats that are being made available to the general public. Anyone wishing to attend should contact the school’s community development officer, Ali Bromhall, on 01295 781216 (email

Watch this space for future dates or use the Contact tab to join Michael’s mailing list.