THE MISTAKE in London, Jan. 31st to Feb. 4th 2023

As followers of my website will know, I finally premiered my Covid-delayed new play THE MISTAKE, about Hiroshima and the first atomic bomb, at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this summer.  Now, in the new year, we are going to be performing it in London for a short run.

From Tues. Jan. 31st to Sat. Feb. 4th, Emiko Ishii and I will perform THE MISTAKE, directed by Ros Hutt, at the ARCOLA THEATRE, Dalston.    24 Ashwin Street, London, E8 3DL.    8pm each evening. There will be a matinee performance as well on Sat. 4th, at 4pm and a Q and A on Thursday 2nd Feb. after the performance. (With Kate Hudson, CND chair, taking part.)

If you’re stuck for present ideas…why not treat friends or family to a ticket?  Maybe not ‘the perfect Christmas pressie’, but certainly a stimulating, thought-provoking evening in the theatre…

★★★★    ‘The past comes alive – a gripping piece of storytelling’ (THE TIMES)

Tickets went on sale today here…

Thank you as ever for your support and for spreading the word where you can…

Just to remind you, here is a brief description of the play…

1942.  On an abandoned squash court, a dazzling scientific experiment takes place that three years later will destroy a city and change the world forever.  Two actors, one British, one Japanese, explore the events surrounding the catastrophic ‘mistake’ that launched our nuclear age.

Interweaving the stories of a young woman in war-time Hiroshima, a brilliant Hungarian scientist, and the American pilot who flew the plane that dropped the bomb, THE MISTAKE is a powerful drama that confronts the dangers that arise when humans dare to unlock the awesome power of nature.

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