‘Pressing the button’ – it sounds so innocent, doesn’t it?

Well…found myself shouting at the radio the other day…I was aghast when I heard it reported that Labour Leader hopeful Rebecca Long-Bailey said she’d be ‘willing to press the button’ – (as did Liberal Democrat hopeful Jo Swinson in the run up to December’s General Election.).
The levels of ignorance amongst national and international leaders as to what actually happened on the ground in Hiroshima is staggering…Hiroshima photo (photo courtesy of Illustrated London News)
…and that was a ‘small’ bomb compared to what is stockpiled in nuclear arsenals today.

It is my hope that my new play THE MISTAKE and the production we are mounting can in some way, however modest, rectify that ignorance. We have eight schools already booked to host the play or interested in doing so, which is a start…
We are now over halfway through our Crowdfunding period, with UNDER TWO WEEKS TO GO…if you haven’t already chipped in but are thinking of doing so, I very much hope you will be able to follow that through…(If you have already, apologies for this – and thank you!) And if you can’t – for whatever reason – I totally understand…
But if you were able to maybe pass on/share the link below with a few people that would be helpful too. Here it is below, and it has more information, photos and a video. Thanking you for your support!

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