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  1. (Third attempt at getting the WordPress formatting right…!)


    In your email notification it says “How did I get this lost through US customs?” but the post above says “How did I get this lot through US customs?”

    Was it a query “How to cope with US Customs?”, for which my answer is (based on personal experience) “Don’t go!

    Or was it the sad but unsurprising revelation the case never made it through US Customs?

    If the former (“How to get it through?”) I would be inclined to find out how one gets items through customs that are normally forbidden. Corporations can transport missiles, bombs and high explosives from the US arms industry to customers around the world so there must be an approvals process. Even for scary and dangerously thought-provoking anti-war items.

    Seriously, people do export / import dangerous medicines, animals, magnets, mercury and aerosols so it can be done. I have previously shipped a large case of personal items to the UAE by air that would not have got through in a suitcase, it was just a matter of picking an independent and specialist shipping company from the Yellow Pages and filling in the appropriate paperwork. That might be more successful, cheaper and safer than trying to take it through as baggage.


  2. Bravo – I remain convinced some books critical of the US were removed from my luggage without my knowledge some years ago by ‘homeland security’ when it was taken away to be searched – paranoia is catching!


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