This Evil Thing: And breathe…

29th August 2016

And so it’s over…the Edinburgh adventure.
Bit blue today, but greatly cheered by the comment below posted on my website – all the more meaningful as it comes from an ex-serviceman…

“Mr Mears, I saw your show yesterday, (28th), and found it extremely enjoyable, (although I don’t think enjoyable is an appropriate word for such a serious subject matter!) Certainly, it was thought provoking and led to a long discussion between my 16 yr old daughter and I afterwards.

“I am an ex-serviceman and if the time had come to go to war I would have done so as that was my duty when I volunteered to join up. Prior to seeing your powerful stage play I had always felt it was everyone’s duty to serve their country if called upon. However, with the power of hindsight it is clear to see that the events between 1914 and 1918 were barbaric and it is understandable why so many made a stand against what was happening at that time.

“Likewise, morally, it is impossible to argue in favour of war, even more so with the fairly recent events of the last two Gulf wars, and more especially when the reasons put forward by the politicians for going to war on these occasions were horrendously flawed. In fact, I think it would be a fool who would argue that violence could ever be the answer to any disputes, either internationally, or personally. However, like you with the ‘pacifist gene’ that you describe in your play, I appear to have a polar view and this moral sense that one must stand up to the aggressor or bully if the time calls. Can I give you an example of when that time is? Unfortunately not because history has taught us that most, if not all, of the wars fought over the decades have been for the wrong reasons. One could argue that the fight against Hitler was justified, or that their was justification in repatriating the Falklands Islands, but it is always going to be difficult to argue the case against the number of lives lost in these wars.

“Thank you for an amazing stage play made all the better due to your evident passion in the subject matter. And for what it’s worth, I would give you 5 stars.”

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