This Evil Thing: three and a half weeks to go… Nine Wooden Crates

July 9th
How to suggest simply but evocatively so many different locations in my play THIS EVIL THING?  A ten feet deep pit in which a C.O. is imprisoned, a Methodist chapel, a work camp outside Aberdeen, a hospital tent, a seaside pier, the House of Commons, an English country garden, a prison cell in Richmond Castle… the list goes on…

Fortunately, our set designer Mark Friend had the idea of wooden crates and after an initial play around with some hired from the National Theatre store in LoCratesndon, he spoke to people he knew near Stratford – Taylor and Foley, prop-makers – who proceeded to produce nine bespoke wooden crates of different shapes, sizes and characters… objects, to my eye, of beauty, elegance and poetry.

I gulped when Mark told me what the cost would be – £500. But he quickly reassured me that they were worth twice that price – that £500 was a ‘bargain’. He’s right, of course.

And more cratesAnd now they are an integral part of the stage and staging for THIS EVIL THING. The photo doesn’t do them justice – better to come and see them in the show…

Tickets for THIS EVIL THING now on sale here.

Flyer for THIS EVIL THING below

Michael Mears


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