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Heading north to Edinburgh…

Feedback from one of our preview audience members last week in London (July 28th)

H.M. at Portfolio Publishing…The Mistake left me absolutely lost for words, so I am incredibly grateful that you found the words to express the impact of the Hiroshima bombing and its reverberations in the decades since that atrocity. With only two actors and minimal props, I was transported across time and space, across countries and continents, with deep insights into the mindsets and actions of a large group of distinct and believable characters. I learned a huge amount, felt a massive emotional punch, and applaud both the theatrical achievement and the key role The Mistake must play in campaigning for the abolition of nuclear weapons and an end to the arms trade madness. Thank you.”

So yes, tomorrow, Tuesday 2nd August, we head to Edinburgh and the Fringe Festival for a three week run of the play – a play which we believe is important and highly relevant given the current state of affairs in the world…

Our first performance is on Friday August 5th… if you know of anyone who lives in Edinburgh or nearby or who is visiting, please send them in our direction – thank you!

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